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NOVA Canvas Training

What training should I take?

How do I access a virtual training session using Zoom?

Click on any session below for more information and to register.

Getting Started/Course Prep Checklist

Are you ready for your course in Canvas? Use this Getting Started/Course Prep Checklist to help you make sure your course is ready and find where to get help when you need it.

Meetings for Instruction

You have several options for meeting in real time for instruction. Use this Canvas Conferences Quick Guide for Presenters to help you use the conference option in Canvas, or this WebEx Quick Guide for Presenters to get you started using WebEx.

Canvas Instructor FAQ

Do you have questions about teaching with Canvas? Use this Frequently Asked Questions Guide to help you find the most up-to-date answers for NOVA instructors.

Helpful Tools Tutorials

Check out these quick video tutorials to learn about a variety of topics from exporting and importing content to using Turnitin. Content it updated frequently so check back often! Click on the link above to view the available recordings.


CANVAS Certification will NOT be like what we have done for Blackboard Certification. It will be done in a totally different way. In Blackboard, you attended training that led to certification at the end. That is NOT how it will be done for CANVAS. CANVAS Certification will be a simple demonstration of your ability to use key features of CANVAS. It will not include the actual training as part of the certification process. There are many ways faculty and staff are getting the necessary CANVAS training to be ready for Summer and Fall. Certification will assume you have done that already. The certification will not look at what training you have taken or require certain workshops. The Certification process will probably not even begin until after Fall classes have started. Why not start it now? We are still missing significant information from the VCCS that needs to be included in the certification process (such as which tool will replace Collaborate), and our staff is fully engaged in the training effort and does have time to manage a new certification process on top of it. If you have been waiting to attend training for us to offer “CANVAS Certification workshops,” please don’t. We are not doing it that way for CANVAS, so you need to sign up for the training currently available or use the other training options we have available. When we know the final criteria for CANVAS Certification and have the process finalized, we will let everyone know.