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The NOVA Online Library provides dedicated library services for students in online courses. We are your virtual source for guidance and instruction with research, citations, copyright, and other library-related topics.

Librarians are embedded in 60+ NOVA Online courses and 300+ course sections, hosting Ask Your Librarian discussion forums, teaching live webinars, and responding to student questions throughout the semester via email, chat, and phone.

Librarians also serve as the go-to resource for online faculty and instructional designers, collaborating to provide research and content creation for online courses with a focus in enhancing curriculum, engaging students, and promoting open educational resources (OER) to support student success.

For Faculty

Services Request

NOVA Online Library Services Request Form

The NOVA Online Library Services Request Form is for:

The NOVA Online Library Services Request Form is for NOVA Online instructional designers and faculty to communicate the need for library services.

In general, most requests are submitted by NOVA Online Instructional Designers in the process of revising or developing a NOVA Online course. Requested services include a consultation with a librarian and faculty member to determine what library support is needed for a particular course, for example, research, content creation, collection development, embedded librarian, and live webinar/instruction.

If you are a current NOVA Online Faculty member and are not sure how to proceed, please email Online-Library@nvcc.edu.

OER Info

OER Info

NOVA Online Library supports the OER-Based General Education Project which includes NOVA zELI courses, zero textbook cost courses and degree programs. These courses fulfill all requirements for NOVA Associate’s degrees in General Studies and Social Sciences. They are published with open, Creative Commons licenses and are available for anyone to freely use, revise, remix, and repurpose.

NOVA Online Library provides research, content creation, and copyright consults to online faculty and instructional designers. This combined effort gives every NOVA student the opportunity to utilize free and/or open course materials and digital content without requiring the purchase of textbooks.

Go to the OER Guide to learn more about open educational resources (OER), where to find them, and how to use them.

Streaming Videos

Streaming Videos

Swank Films is a service that provides streaming access to course-assigned feature films through Canvas. The license with Swank allows for NOVA faculty to link to films in Canvas. Go to the Swank Guide for information on how to request a film for your course, current Swank titles, and user guides.

NOVA Online Library Hours

NOVA Online Library Location & Hours

Location & Hours

NOVA Online Library’s Learning Resource Room is for NOVA Online faculty and staff to access physical and digital library resources. There is a small collection of physical books focused on distance education, a computer for research, and tables and chairs for small groups using library resources.

The space is currently not staffed and cannot be reserved; however, if you require assistance in using the space, email Online-Library@nvcc.edu to schedule a consultation in advance.

The Learning Resource Room is open for use by NOVA Online faculty during NOVA Online’s regular operating hours, 8:30am – 5:00pm and is located within NOVA Online in room 148, 3922 Pender Drive, Fairfax VA 22030.

Contact Information

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Phone - Email to request a phone meeting and a date/time will be scheduled.