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Course Availability and Registration

For new course section availability, check the Online Learning Course Search and register via NovaConnect.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll in an online learning course?

You must be admitted to Northern Virginia Community College before you may register or enroll for online learning courses. During the process, please verify that the college has your correct mailing address to ensure that you will receive your course enrollment confirmation. You may apply online at http://www.nvcc.edu. Once you have been admitted, you may register for classes at http://nvcc.my.vccs.edu. Instructions for using NOVAConnect, NOVA's student information system, are available online at http://www.nvcc.edu/novaconnect. Before registering for courses, please make sure you have satisfied the course prerequisites and understand the required course assignments. For assistance with course selection, please contact an NOVA Online counselor.

For students who have completed pre-requisites (a grade of "C" or higher) at another institution, visit the Visiting and Transient Student webpage and work with an academic advisor. If you have questions, please contact the Virtual Advising staff via their Live Chat feature or send an email to virtualadvising@nvcc.edu. You can find detailed course information at online.nvcc.edu/coursesearch/.

For students who would like to enroll in NVCC courses while still in high school, Dual
Enrollment is an enrichment opportunity that allows qualified high school students to take college courses through NVCC, earn college credit and possibly receive high school credit for these courses. Always talk with your high school counselor before moving forward with dual enrollment options. Any high school student interested in enrolling in courses should contact The Office of Dual Enrollment.

For students who would like to receive transfer credit at NOVA for courses completed at another institution, you will need to request an official transcript from any regionally accredited U.S. college or university you have attended previously. If you have completed your education at an institution located outside of the United States you will need to send a copy of a course-by-course evaluation that has been completed by an individual private evaluation agency to NVCC. Please have the transcripts sent to the Student Services Center at the NVCC campus most convenient for you. Contact information for the campus offices can be found here. You will also need to submit to the same office a Request for Evaluation of Transcript form. Official transcripts will be evaluated only after you have been admitted to the College and have declared a major. Students needing to declare a major should contact an NOVA Online counselor.

How do I begin an online learning course?

NOVA online learning courses start at the beginning of the semester, but many of the NOVA Online learning courses also have additional sections starting throughout the semester. For new course section availability, check the listing and register via myNOVA . Once you are registered, keep the momentum going and begin working on the course.

You are responsible for accessing your course website in a timely manner to begin your course. If you do not start your course on schedule, or if you register late in the registration period, you will need to accelerate the class schedule to make up assignments you have missed. The following information will be helpful. Once registered, you will receive in the mail a "quick start" syllabus with specific information to begin your course. (Not sure what to look for? Here is a quick start syllabus sample - Quick Start syllabus.) In the meantime, complete the Student Orientation for Online Students.

You should begin your course soon after your enrollment date. Students who are not fully engaged in the course by the end of the 5th week (30% of a 16-week session) may incur penalties such as reduced grades, administrative withdrawal from the course, repayment of financial aid, or loss of eligibility for future financial aid. Refer to your course syllabus for specific requirements.

How do I audit an online learning course?

The regular tuition rate is charged for auditing a course. A student who audits an online learning course must have the permission of the instructor, who may or may not require that you complete course assignments and exams. During your enrollment period, you have the time up to your Last Refund Date to switch from audit to credit or to switch from credit to audit. If you choose to audit an online learning course, you will receive no credit for the course and an X (audit) grade will appear on your NVCC college transcript.

When requesting to audit a class, you must complete an NVCC 125-12 form, AUDITING A CLASS: Permission to Audit. The form can be downloaded from the College Website at http://www.nvcc.edu/forms/pdf/125-012.pdf and faxed to the NOVA Online Learning Registration at (703) 323-3392, or emailed as an attachment to onlinereg@nvcc.edu.

How do I withdraw from an online learning course?

You may withdraw from an online learning course without grade penalty by the Last Withdrawal Date. For NOVA Online learning courses, this date is listed in the course information mailed to you. Use NovaConnect (preferred method) or Telephone NovaConnect (also see How to Drop With Refund) to withdraw before the Last Withdrawal Date. If you withdraw from a course after your Last Withdrawal Date, you will receive an "F" for a grade.

Important Notes:

  1. Students must sign into their Canvas course site by the Canvas Sign-in Date and complete the attendance sign-in to avoid being administratively deleted with no tuition refund.
  2. Instructors also have the option of withdrawing (without refund) students who are not meeting course progress requirements by the Last Withdrawal Date. However, students who expect a W are responsible for withdrawing themselves in NovaConnect before the last withdrawal date.

If you are past your Last Withdrawal Date but have mitigating circumstances that prevent you from finishing the course, your instructor may agree to assign a W grade. To request a W, complete a Withdrawal Initiated by Student form and submit it to your instructor with supporting documentation that justifies your request to Dean Turner at mturner@nvcc.edu.

How do I drop a course with refund?

You may drop an online learning course for refund no later than the Last Refund Date. For NOVA Online learning courses, this date is listed in the course information mailed to you. There are two ways to drop a course:

  1. Online using myNOVA. (preferred method)
  2. By telephone using Telephone NovaConnect at (703) 323-3770 or (703) 330-3770 (Prince William County).

If you paid tuition by credit card and want your refund credited to your credit card, you must drop the course through myNOVA. All other refunds will be issued by check and should be received within a few weeks of the drop date.

For NOVA Online learning courses ONLY, if you need assistance with this procedure contact the NOVA Online Registration office at (703) 323-3368.