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Student Development (Spring 2019)

Course Credit Title Course Info Instructor Exam Passes
SDV100 1 College Success Skills
(Online Course)
Canvas Description Burkle Taking Exams and Using Exam Passes 
folder in the Syllabus in your course

Easterling, H

SDV100 1 College Success Skills
(Online Course)
Blackboard Description Zahorian Exam Passes
Patton Exam Passes
Morris Exam Passes
Street Exam Passes
Hubbard Exam Passes
Catterton Exam Passes
Alvarez Exam Passes
Phillips Exam Passes
Wilkins Exam Passes
Jennings Exam Passes
Wilson Exam Passes
SDV101 1 Orientation to Healthcare
(Online Course)
Description Patton Exam Passes
Hutchins Exam Passes
Orientation to Education
(Online Course)
Canvas Description Usher Exam Passes
Blackboard Description Usher Exam Passes
Orientation to Information Technology
(Online Course)
Description Marshall Exam Passes
SDV101   Orientation to Veterinary Technology
(Online Course)
Course Cancelled
Description TBA Exam Passes
SDV298 1 PLACE Seminar
(Online Course)
Description Patton Exam Passes

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