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Information Technology Programming (Spring 2020)

Course Credit Title Course Info Instructor Exam Passes
ITP100 3 Software Design
(Online Course)
Chamlou Exam Passes
Blackburn Exam Passes
Snider Exam Passes
Merkel Exam Passes
Force Exam Passes
ITP112 4 Visual Basic.Net I
(Online Course)


Exam Passes
ITP120 4 Java Programming I
(Online Course)
Description Michak Exam Passes
Chemerys Exam Passes
ITP132 4 C++ Programming I
(Online Course)
Description Force Exam Passes
ITP170 4 Project Management
(Online Course)
Description Sass Exam Passes
ITP220 4 Java Programming II
(Online Course)
Description Chemerys Exam Passes
ITP225 4 Web Scripting Languages
(Online Course)
Description Johnson Exam Passes