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Apps of Interest

The number of available apps is enormous and growing every day! Here are some noteworthy products (many of which have been used in NOVA classes) recommended by faculty, staff, and administrators, as well as students.


NOVA Online Mobile App

NOVA Online app

Get more from Online Learning at Northern Virginia Community College with NOVA’s official NOVA Online mobile app.  With NOVA Online Mobile you can easily connect to a suite of free online learning tools and resources anytime, anywhere. Enhance your mobile NOVA Online learning experience with a simple, convenient and useful NOVA Online mobile app right in the palm of your hand.

Available for iOS platforms.

Here are just some of the features available:

  • Information about getting started at NOVA Online including orientation and how-to tutorials
  • List of all NOVA Online courses and degree programs available
  • Direct link to navigate your online course content
  • Quick reference list of the critical dates for all NOVA Online sessions within a semester
  • Direct access to chat online with or email NOVA Online staff
  • Up-to-date testing information and testing center schedules
  • Link to schedule online exam proctoring services
  • Access to online tutoring services for NOVA Online students
  • NOVA Online staff directory quick reference list
  • Access to NOVA Online’s Virtual Student Union and ELIfe Blog
  • Connect to NOVA Online’s social media sites including Facebook, Twitter
  • Links to NOVA course resources, videos and podcasts
  • Calendar of NOVA and NOVA Online news and events… and more!

We want to hear from you!  Email us at onlinelearn@nvcc.edu and tell us what features you would like to see included on a mobile app designed specifically for online students.

Course Resources

Canvas Student Canvas Student (iOS App) or (Android App) – Access Canvas courses from anywhere
RK-83 Graphing Calculator Icon RK-83 Graphing Calculator (.99 - iOS App) – All of the functions of the TI-83 graphing calculator used in many math courses right on your iphone
Medical Anatomy Pronunciations Icon Medical Anatomy Pronunciations (iOS App) – Listen to accurate pronunciations of important anatomy terms
Grammar App Icon Grammar App – Tutorials, exercises, and references for grammar usage, word selection, and vocabulary
Newseum Icon Newseum (iOS App) – lets you use a map to connect to the front page and website of newspapers all over the country
Cram Icon Cram - Study with mobile flash cards. You can create your own or search already created flash cards by category.
Audionote Icon Audionote – Record a lecture while taking notes, and later sync material
aNote Icon aNote (Awesome Note) ($4.99) – Taking notes to a whole new level
iBrainstorm Icon iBrainstorm (iOS App) – Multi-device collaboration tool


Yasp Icon Yasp! (Android App) – Android student planner. Not available for iOS devices
NoteRec Icon NoteRec (Android App) – Record a lecture while taking notes on your Android device
Edmodo Icon Edmodo (iOS App) (Android App) – Send notes, post replies, and check messages.
Prezi Viewer Icon Prezi Viewer – View “Prezi” presentations on your mobile device
Genius Scan Icon Genius Scan – Turn your mobile device into a scanner (of sorts) that will convert the photos to a PDF document
Dragon Dictation Icon Dragon Dictation – Voice recognition application with which you can speak and instantly see your text or email messages
Book Creator Icon Book Creator – Create and publish you own works from an iPad
Educreations Interactive Whiteboard Icon Educreations Interactive Whiteboard (iOS App) – Create and share lessons and material right on your Apple device


TED Icon TED (iOS App) (Android App) – View riveting lectures from TED Talks
The Great Masters Icon Fine Art - The Great Masters (Android App) – View great works of art in the palm of your hand


Skype Icon Skype – Call, video call and instant message anyone else on Skype for free
Webex Icon Webex – Take your web meetings anywhere
Google+ Icon Google+ (Android App) – Share and keep up with people no matter where you are

eBook Readers

iBooks Icon iBooks (iOS App) – eBook reader for iOS
Kindle Icon Kindle – Read Kindle books, newspapers, magazines, textbooks and PDFs and sync you last page read, bookmarks, and more
Nook Icon Nook – Read NOOK books, magazines and newspapers, with thousands of free books and sample books
Overdrive Icon Overdrive Media Console – For borrowing eBooks from many public libraries

Online (Cloud) Storage

OneDrive Icon OneDrive – Store your files here and access them from virtually any device
Dropbox Icon Dropbox – Cloud based file storage

Other Helpful/Fun Utilities

Gas Buddy Icon Gas Buddy – Lets you use a map to find the cheapest gas
AroundMe Icon AroundMe – Quickly find nearby banks, gas stations, hospitals, restaurants, and much more

Security Tips for using your Mobile Device

If you have a smart phone, Android phone, iPhone or iPad, you should have created a Passcode that acts as a password to allow access to your phone (and is required if you link to college email).  On a iPhone or iPad, it is just a four digit number.  You set it up under the Settings icon.  You can even set up how quickly it comes on to protect your phone when the phone is inactive.  You would be amazed at how much personal information is on your phone that would put you at risk if the phone is lost or stolen.  A Passcode helps protect you.

For iPhone and iPad users, you should also set up the Find my iPhone/iPad feature.  It is a free app and would help you find your phone if it gets lost/stolen or wipe all the data if necessary.  You can go to any computer and find out where the device is located.  If you have not done this, I strongly recommend it!  Here is a link to more information (you will also have to set up a free iCloud App) http://www.apple.com/icloud/features/find-my.html  and http://support.apple.com/kb/PH2697 .  You can always use google to find more help in setting it up if you need more.

Also, if you use DropBox, iCloud or other similar general storage that lets you easily move things between devices, be careful about storing sensitive or private information.  You may use to move things around, but be sure to delete anything sensitive and not use them as a permanent secure storage site (like student grades or tax returns).

Finally, please please remember that you never ever send your login and password to anyone.  No legitimate source will ever ask for them—no matter how official or how scary an email might look.  Even if you get an email from what looks like our Help Desk telling you your email will be cut off, or from the FBI, or from your Bank—if they ask for you to send a login and password it is ALWAYS a FRAUD!!

Where can I get more information?


Want to recommend an app? Let us know: onlineitsupport@nvcc.edu