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Dual Enrollment

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dual Enrollment at NOVA Online?

Dual Enrollment is a program that allows qualified high school and home schooled students to earn college credits for courses taken online through NOVA Online while still studying high school courses. With approval from the high school, these college credits may be used to meet high school graduation requirements, as well. For some students, dual enrollment may be a better option than taking AP or IB courses.

Why Take Dual Enrolled Courses?

You can begin working on an associate degree or certificate, allowing you to complete college course work while finishing high school requirements for graduation. You may gain confidence in your ability to do college work and you may have an easier transition when you move into post-secondary education. You may also take a course for college credit only, which is not available through your high school curriculum.

Who Can Participate?

To participate, you must be a high school junior or senior, have the support of your parents, and be recommended by your principal and high school counselor if you are matriculating in a high school. Students are approved when their academic achievement, their placement tests, and other supporting information shows they are college ready, and demonstrate an understanding of online learning and personal traits consistent with successful online students. Students must meet all course pre-requisites, as applicable.

How are Dual Enrollment Classes through NOVA Online Different from On-Campus Dual Enrollment Courses?

Taking a Dual Enrollment Class online will have similarities and differences when compared to on-campus classes. To learn more, visit our website at http://online.nvcc.edu, and read our Orientation section “What Do I Need To Know About Online Learning?

Important note:

The dual enrollment forms must be submitted at least 10 business days before classes begin.
Students who do not meet this deadline will need to explore alternative Start Dates.

Dual Enrollment Procedures

Eligible students can take courses online through the NOVA Online. If you want to take online courses through NOVA Online, you should familiarize yourself with NOVA Online before submitting a request for dual enrollment, by reviewing the information on the NOVA Online website.

Please follow the steps below for specific instructions on how to request enrollment in online courses.

Questions regarding high school dual enrollment students taking online classes can be sent to:
NOVA Online Counseling
Email: onlinecounselors@nvcc.edu
Phone: 703.323.3347

Discuss your plan to dual enroll with your parent or guardian and high school counselor. Review the NOVA Catalog and Schedule of Classes. Decide which NOVA course(s) to take and if appropriate, the equivalent high school course(s).

You must complete the admissions process two weeks prior to the start of class. Please note, students who wish to take a dual enrolled course must complete the enrollment/registration process at least two weeks before the scheduled course start date. Please check the NOVA website to determine when the session starts.


The next step for enrolling in courses at NOVA is to apply to the College. NOVA Online is the online division of NOVA and all courses are NOVA credited courses. A current application is required to enroll. The application process is free and must be completed online. Go to www.nvcc.edu and select the Apply Now tab at the top of the screen on the right side. Follow the guidelines provided.

After you submit the application online, you will receive a seven-digit Student ID number at the end of the application process. NOVA Student IDs are used to identify students in myNOVA/NOVAConnect and for college records. In addition to the ID number, you will be given a username you will need to access myNOVA. Through myNOVA, you can review your academic record and have access to your Canvas account.

After completing the application, please log in to your myNOVA account and set up a new password and security questions within 24 hours. Failure to do this will result in being locked out of your myNOVA account.

A Social Security number is not required to be on file; however, failure to provide a Social Security number may limit or delay access to services where the number is required by federal or state law (ex. tax reporting, receiving financial aid after high school graduation).


Information about placement tests is being revised. Check back soon for updates.


Complete the appropriate DE recommendation form.

  • High school students must complete, sign and submit a NVCC 125-207: Dual Enrollment Recommendation: Individual High School Student form, giving permission from their high school counselor, principal and parent/guardian.
  • Home schooled students must complete, sign and submit a NVCC 125-208: Dual Enrollment Recommendation: Home Schooled Students form, giving permission from their parent/guardian. Home school students must also provide a copy of a home school agreement approved by the school district or a letter from the local school board or a copy of the letter filed by the parent/guardian declaring home school for religious exemption.


Prepare a written goals statement to identify the reason for requesting to take an online course through NOVA at this time and how the course fits into your overall academic plan and career goal. In your statement, describe your educational and career goals, your desire for online learning, and any previous experience that will help you succeed in online course at this time.


Submit all documents to the NOVA Online Counselor by fax at 703.323.3392 or by email to onlinecounselors@nvcc.edu.

  • A completed dual enrollment form.
  • A copy of your high school transcript or home school equivalent.
  • Your Goals Statement that clearly identifies the reason for requesting to take an online course through NOVA.
  • A copy of your NOVA placement test scores or qualifying test scores as stated above.

Freshman and Sophomore Students- VCCS policy allows colleges to consider exceptional freshman and sophomore students who are able to demonstrate readiness for college-level coursework through the colleges’ established institutional policies. Each freshman and sophomore student will be treated on a case-by-case basis. If you are a freshman or sophomore who wants to take NOVA classes on campus, you will be required to meet with a student services counselor. Following that, the Dean of Students or designee will give formal approval if deemed appropriate. You will have to demonstrate maturity and motivation to receive approval.

The request for exception will be sent to the President/designee for approval by the NOVA counselor.

Returning dual enrollment students must complete the Dual Enrollment Recommendation Form each semester. You will have your NOVA transcript or course progress reviewed prior to approving or denying future enrollments at the college.

If dual enrollment is approved, you will receive confirmation via email and you will be registered by NOVA Online Registration staff. Generally, as a dual enrollment student, you are restricted to part-time enrollment (fewer than 12 credits) unless working towards a certificate or associate degree while completing high school.


  • Pay with cash or check at any NOVA campus Business Office.
  • Pay online by credit card through NOVA Connect or call 703.323.3770. Check enrollment schedule. Print a copy of the enrollment schedule from NOVAConnect or call 703.323.3770 to check your classes and payment status.
  • If you are having an outside organization pay for your courses, please visit the Tuition Contracts website for more information.
  • Verify your enrollment in the correct courses.
  • Print a copy of your enrollment schedule every time a change is made.


Purchase Books: NOVA Online works specifically with the Alexandria Campus bookstore. All NOVA Online books are available at the Alexandria Campus bookstore or online through NOVA Online’s online bookstore.

Taking Exams: All NOVA Online courses require proctored exams. You will be required to take your exams at a NOVA Campus Testing Center or at an approved testing facility in your area. Before your course begins, review NOVA Online’s testing policy to develop a testing plan.

Purchase a Parking Permit (optional): See the Parking web page for more information. If you are only going to campus a few times for your exams, you can pay by the hour.

Obtain a NOVACard: Visit the NOVACard web page to find the more information about NOVACard IDs.

Log in to NOVA Student Email Account and Canvas: After you have applied to the College, you can find your EMPL ID or username and password by following the appropriate tutorial. To protect student’s privacy, instructors will only use a student's official NOVA email address. Students will receive updates on course changes and other pertinent information through their NOVA email account. Once enrolled, courses will be made available in Canvas on the course start date.