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NOVA Online IT Support

IT Support for NOVA Online Students, Faculty, and Staff

For any MyNOVA account issues or technical issues, please contact the Help Desk at 703.426.4141 or open a ticket at

Computer, mobile, and other hardware and software support is available from the NOVA Online IT Team.


Monday -Thursday
8:30am - 9:00pm

8:30am - 5:00pm

With prior notice, additional hours can be arranged and appointments can be scheduled.


NOVA students are encouraged to take advantage of cloud service options to upload, edit, print, and share files with instructors and classmates. Using Microsoft OneDrive provides a way to have your files all in one place, automatically updated across your computer and mobile devices. OneDrive is included in Microsoft Office 365 software subscription-based cloud service that is FREE to NOVA students, faculty and staff. Visit NOVA IT Helpdesk Student Software to learn more.

Review this OneDrive and Office Online Guide for more information.

If you have a smart phone, Android phone, iPhone or iPad, you should have created a Passcode that acts as a password to allow access to your phone (and is required if you link to college email).  You set it up under the Settings icon.  You can set up how quickly it comes on to protect your phone when the phone is inactive.  You would be amazed at how much personal information is on your phone that would put you at risk if the phone is lost or stolen.  A Passcode helps protect you.

For mobile devices, you should also set up the Find my device feature.  It is a free and would help you find your phone or device if it gets lost/stolen or wipe all the data, if necessary.  You can go to any computer and find out where the device is located.  If you have not done this, we strongly recommend it!  Here is a link to more information for iOS device -  Here is a link to more information for Android device -

Finally, please please remember that you never ever send your login and password to anyone.  No legitimate source will ever ask for them—no matter how official or how scary an email might look.  Even if you get an email from what looks like our Help Desk telling you your email will be cut off, or from the FBI, or from your Bank—if they ask for you to send a login and password it is ALWAYS a FRAUD!!