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Critical Course Deadlines and Withdrawal Policy

Critical Course Deadlines

Date Definitions

The one page Quick Start Syllabus you received by mail has your personal important dates on it. Please review them now. Your course will be available in Canvas on the first day of class.

Start Date: This is your official start date; all other dates are based on it. Your enrollment does not necessarily correspond to campus enrollment dates. You are expected to meet a schedule for submission of your work, so you need to buy your course materials and start on time.

Refund Date: This is the last date on which you can drop your course and receive a full refund of your tuition, drop your course and add another course without paying additional tuition, and also the last date to change a course to audit or to credit. To drop a class visit myNOVA.

Any One Assignment (NVRK) Due Date: You must submit a required assignment before the date specified by Critical Course Deadlines or you will be administratively deleted without a refund. You will not be able to be added back to the class once you are deleted. NVRK (Never Attending Student) - Withdrawal Form Initiated by Instructor.

Last Withdrawal Date without F: This is the last date on which you can withdraw from this course without grade penalty. Use the NovaConnect online or telephone registration system to drop the course. You will receive a grade of "W." However, students who expect a W are responsible for withdrawing themselves in NovaConnect before the last withdrawal date. Withdrawal after this date will result in a grade of F, except under documented mitigating circumstances.

End Date: All assignments and examinations should be completed by this date. (Also see Incomplete Grades.)

Your course may have other deadlines--make sure to review your course syllabus for more information.

Please refer to the Course Progress section of NOVA Online Policies and Procedures for additional information.

Withdrawal Policy

You may withdraw from a distance learning course without a grade penalty by the Last Withdrawal Date. For NOVA Online distance learning courses, this date is listed in the course information mailed to you.

You may withdraw or drop a distance learning course using Web NovaConnect. If you withdraw from a course after your Last Withdrawal Date, you will receive an "F" for a grade.

If you are past your Last Withdrawal Date but have mitigating circumstances that prevent you from finishing the course, complete the Late Withdrawal for Mitigating Circumstances form [125-047] and submit it to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities at along with supporting documentation and statement of explanation asking for a "W" grade.