What is SSDL?

Shared Services Distance Learning (SSDL) courses are fully-online courses offered in partnership with Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC). These courses allow students to earn credit at their home institution while taking an online course with a NVCC instructor, as well as using testing centers near them to take proctored tests. Students from any partner institution can take advantage of an expanded variety of courses without having to travel to NOVA or leave their college.

What are the benefits?

Broader Course Selection

As a student, you'll be able to take enroll in classes that may not be available at your institution.

Cohesive Student Experience

No need to go to a separate location to sign up - SSDL courses are listed right in your college's catalog.

Shared Support Services

Get the help you need in real time from both NOVA and your home institution.

How does it work?

Simple Enrollment

Sign up for courses directly from your home institution's website. These courses are listed in your regular schedule of classes and marked as SSDL.

Convenient Testing Options

With SSDL, you have the luxury of taking your tests at the testing center of your home institution, or with a pre-approved proctor. Some courses will even allow you to take your tests online using ProctorU.

Dedicated Liaisons

Get help when you need it from a friendly staff member at your home institution assigned to assist students with SSDL questions and concerns.

Fully Online in Canvas

No need to sign into a separate location - your SSDL classes can be accessed with all of your other Canvas classes from a single sign-on.